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Mar. 9th, 2016

[Personal] Busy busy busy

Ah I have no dived into the abyss again. I have been quite busy though.

The internship is going great. I am learning a lot. People are nice and all.

Life is bumpy but how else could it be?

I still watch things from time to time. Will try to be more active xD

Jan. 19th, 2016

And so ...

I read some articles about SMAP's apology. Rating apparently was almost as high as the first half of kouhaku. Nakai appeared to pinch his hand. Everyone looked like they were being forced at gunpoint. Tabloids call it 'public executions'. People talked about their impending punishments.

I'm honestly worried about the members' psychological health. Nakai seems to be under so much stress. KimuTaku have massive eye bags. Japanese are not the best people when it comes to dealing with stress and internal turmoil. And reading about potential punishment, from limited activity to less freedom etc just makes me feel sick.

Yes I want SMAP to collaborate with their kouhais. But honestly, I care for their well-being more than I need some guest appearances.

Urgh Entertainment industry sucks.

Jan. 18th, 2016

So is it back to normal now?

The apology is awfully painful to watch. Seriously, I don't look that forced even when I have to deliver a presentation about a dead painter in German. Shingo looks like he just wants to dig a hole and hibernate. KimuTaku is the only one who seems like he has enough rehearsal not to fuck that up.

Apparently Johnny-san stepped up? And what will the fate of SMAP be from now on? Who will be their manager? Will they be grounded like Yamapi? I bet Mary and Julie will do all they can to not let SMAP hang out with Ijima anymore. Urgh, I hope they can keep all their TV shows and just slowly release CDs like they always did.

Honestly, I wish this is just a publicity stunt like the rumor. I would feel better if it is since that means SMAP is in no danger of cancelled shows and limited activity. But they look so awkward in the apology video (and with all due respect, not all of them are that good of actors), I would say something definitely was going on.

The other Johnnys must have had a tough few days *laugh* especially the older groups who have known SMAP since forever and the younger ones they mentor.

Never question the power of JE *shiver*

There is hope left in the world

So I am not too depressed, which is always a good sign. My lips are less chapped, also a good sign. I got paid for my first week of internship, oh yes. College starts again next week, which is actually good because I crave meaningful human contact. SMAP will make official statement. Looking forward to that.

I now just need to do laundry, try to draw or something, work out a good sleep schedule and maybe sub some nice songs.

I need to catch up on shiyagare and other shows. I am following about 10 tv shows at the same time, along with Criminal minds marathon. I guess I should try to enjoy free time when I still have it. I bet life will catch up to me and I will cry myself to sleep soon, but for now things are relatively okay.

Sorrit out <3

Jan. 12th, 2016

What is going on with SMAP?

Guys seriously is the news official? I'm going crazy here.

They were performing at Kouhaku less than two weeks ago what even ...

Can we trust this Nikkan Sports?

Jesus I can already see the shitstorm ahead if this is true. I am worried for JE's fate if that is the case.

Jan. 1st, 2016

Johnny Count Down comments

Watching Johnny Count Down makes me so happy ;>

Interaction between senpai and kouhai needs to happen more.

Johnnys' fandom is the best!!!

(Although I just read some news about DBSK fandom .. scary (but cool af) ...

Dec. 31st, 2015

Kouhaku comments

So I'm watching Kouhaku ...

It's gonna be a long post ...

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