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[Download] [PV] Kanjani8 - Yellow Pansy Street - esub [MU][MF]

Finished ♥ And it is kara-ed :))
Many thanks to ayumi_kitty ♥ Love you xD

I like this song sooooo much ♥ And the PV is beautiful too xDxD Red and grey :))


RAW: dozchan
Trans: soritt @ lj
Spot trans: ayumi_kitty
Sub: soritt @ lj



Do not sell, buy, rent, make money from fansub.
Do not upload to streaming sites.
Keep my credit + Tell me if you want to post it elsewhere.

Comments are loved ♥


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Thank you hon. Awesome as always ^^
Thanks, dear <3

Thank you ^^
ah ah !!!!!!!! Cám ơn nàng nhiều nhé !!!! *ôm ôm*
*ôm lại*
I'm taking this. Thanxxx a lot !
thankyouuu :D
Thanks a lot~~~^^
You're awesome, thanks for subbing ^^
I love this song! The lyrics are really great.
Thanks for the subs :D
thank you :)
Why didn't you tell me that it's already available! LOL.

Anyway, otsukare to you and to Kitty-chan! ♥
Sorry ...


taking this one too, thank you! ^-^
Thanks a lot!
thank you~~~~ XDDD
thnk you so much for this ^^
I was waiting for a sub
thanks so much!
and OF COURSE I would get this one too ;)

Arigatou girls you rock~
that's the only eito gif I have on my photoboucket! D: I need to upload more! XD
*hugs hugs hugs*

Everybody loves Eito :))
Thank you!
Thank you!
thank youuuuuu
so muchh *hugs*
Thanks for subbing & sharing this, love Kanjani8!!!!!
Thank you for subbing and sharing! ^^ I love this song! ♥
thank you so much!! ♥
Waah~~~ I love this song sooo much!!! Thank you for subbing!!
Thank you for subbing and sharing this! :)
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