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[Download] [PV] Kanjani8 - T.W.L - esub [MU][MF]

Finally done. But I didn't make kara-effect for this... Will do that later ♥

I like this song I like YPS better but well, very K8-like :)) And the "butt focus" :))


RAW: dozchan @ lj
Trans: soritt @ lj
Spot trans: ayumi_kitty @ lj. Thanks a lot sweetheart, I can't finish this without your help ♥
Sub: soritt @ lj


No kara effect ver.


Do not sell, buy, rent, make money from fansub.
Do not upload to streaming sites.
Keep my credit + Tell me if you want to post it elsewhere.

Comments are loved ♥


thanks for sharing and your effort^^
K8 is adorable! XDDDD

Taking the completed work~~ :D
AAAWWW!! How cute! thank you so much for your hardwork! >v< and of course THANK YOU for sharing! ^^
xDxD K8 is cute ♥
Taking it, my dear~ ♥
*hugs* *look at your ava* Aww Nino xD
Thanks for sharing! XD
*ôm hun thắm thiết* cám ơn lần nữa nhé !!
I'm looking for the sub version—thanks a lot! :D
Thanks a lot for your work !
Thanks for this~~~^^
Taking the pv, thanks for subbing =D
thank you so much~! <3
thank you :)
thank you for sharing! ^-^
Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!
thnk you so mcuh for this ^^
thank you ♥
thanks a lot ;D
Yaaaaaaay now I'll have a pretty T.W.L. subbed video!!! :D

arigatou So-chan and Kitty-chan! ganbatta na girls~ ^______^

in exchange Nino will give you a donut! *points at icon*

*grab the donut*

Taking. Thanks so much <3
Thanks for subbing & sharing!!!
Thank you <3
Thank you lots for subbing! I loved this PV, so I can't wait to watch it with subs!! =)
Thanks for subbing this! I like YPS better, too, but this is cute. :)
Thank you!
thank you so much honey T.T ♥

keep up ♥♥♥♥
thank you^^
Thank youuuuu ♥♥♥
I'm taking this subbed PV as well. Thanks again for sharing!
thank you :)
Thanks so much! ♥
thank u~!
Thank youuuuuuu!
thank you =)
Thanks for sharing ^__^
thank you! :D
Aw~ I really like this song!! Thank you so much for sharing. ^^
thank you so much for subbing and sharing this... ^^
thank you ^_^
thank you for this too! ^__^
Thanks a lot for sharing. I don't like karaoke effects so Im ok with this version. ^_~
Happy Belated Birthday => Thanks for sharing..
thank you for sharing!!
Thank you very much! :)
thank you for sharing!
Thank you for sharing. Finally I know what means this crazy song xD